Everything we do,
we do to stop cyber crime
for business.

We create layers of protection,
to help keep your business in business.

What is cyber crime?

Cyber Crime is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. Attacks such as Ransomware,
Malware and Spear-Phishing, to name but a few, are all different types of Cyber Crime. More often than not,
Cyber Crime is carried out with the intention to steal money and information.

Total cover for you and your Business


We protect, detect and respond to advanced cyber-attacks targeting your computers. When an attack is detected our 24x7 Security team are on hand to quickly respond.

Internet & Network

Our internet and network security solutions protect you from threats on the web, providing you with the same level of protection whether you’re in the office or out on the road.


Email is the most used methods to launch a cyberattack. We protect your business from advanced email threats such as spear phishing, email impersonation and ransomware.


Mobile phones are increasingly being targeted by Cyber Criminals. Just as you can get a virus on your computer, you can also get a virus on your mobile phone.

5 ways to
Protect your

Find out how you can significantly reduce your cyber risk by following our top five free ways to protect your business.

1. Update
2. Educate
3. Back Up
4. Restrict
5. Secure

Protect. Detect. Respond.

When online services like Dropbox get hacked, so does our personal data. That data is usually then put up for sale on the dark web for the criminal underworld to purchase. Keep your details safe and check to see if any services that are connected to your email account have been hacked.

This tool tells you what online services have been breached, when they were breached, and a description of what information is at risk

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